Digital content strategist & IT support analyst

My Story

Technology + Creativity

Welcome! I’m Isa, a multi-disciplinary Latina creative, entrepreneur, and fervent advocate for blending art and technology to empower underserved communities. My journey in the digital realm began in middle school when I taught myself HTML to create fan websites. This early passion evolved into a diverse array of online projects, from newsletters and game developer interviews to creating digital assets for educational and community initiatives.

My love for digital content strategy and web presence management was reignited while launching an online store for my handmade creations. This challenge reminded me of my passion for branding and digital marketing, inspiring me to assist others in bringing their visions to life. Currently, I’m helping several clients establish and enhance their online footprints.

My Experience

With over 15 years in the digital creative space, my career is a tapestry of roles that underscore my versatility and dedication:

  • Digital Archivist & Web Manager: Served as a studio assistant for a renowned New York artist, digitizing artwork, managing her website, and preparing for exhibitions.
  • Assistant Designer: For five years at a leading magazine production company, I contributed to online and print advertising, website management, digital marketing, and coordinated with creative freelancers.
  • Tech Educator & Administrative Assistant: At a flagship tech retail store, I blended administrative duties with empowering customers to use technology creatively.
  • Digital Consultant: I’ve taken on the rewarding role of guiding clients through establishing robust online presences, including website creation, social media strategy, and e-commerce setup.
  • Technical Support & IT Analyst Expertise: I have almost 10 years of experience in technical support for consumer electronics and serving as an IT support analyst for a private company. I’ve honed my skills in troubleshooting, customer service, and tech solutions delivery.

I’m eager to leverage my experience and passion to support others in realizing their digital aspirations. I prioritize working with creatives, small businesses, and underserved groups, aiming to foster inclusion, diversity, and positive change.

As a Latina artist and entrepreneur deeply invested in community upliftment, I champion causes close to my heart: mental health awareness, the arts in Boston, equal opportunity, and affordable housing for creatives.