About Me

I’m glad you found me. My name’s Isa, a multi-diciplinary Latina creative & business owner with a love of exploring how art and technology intercept, and using them as tools to empower underserved people and communities and to incite positive change. 

I became interested in digital content strategy when I was very young, teaching myself HTML in middle school so I could start building websites dedicated to my favorite bands and TV shows. Since then I’ve always had my hands in some sort of online project, from creating newsletters, writing reviews for my favorite teas, interviewing game developers (and getting flown out to test a new game.. ask me about it!), photographing my favorite restaurants and travels, participating and creating assets for education and community projects, and so much more. 

Recently while trying to launch an online store for my handmade work, I remembered just how much I enjoy the challenge of managing a brand, web presence, and getting the word out about my new business. It’s something I’m extremely passionate about and I want to bring that passion to help others like me get started, and currently I am working with several clients to make their ideas realty. 

My Experience

I have over 15 years of experience in and around the digital creative space. I was a studio assistant for a New York-based artist, responsible for digitizing her work, updating her website, and helping her prepare for a gallery show.

 For five years I worked as an assistant designer at a major magazine production company, responsible for both online and print advertising, website management, digital marketing, and working with creative freelancers.

I’ve worked at a major tech retail company, with various roles including administrative assistant in a large flagship store, as well as training customers on using their technology for creative pursuits.

And currently I have taken on several clients (myself included!) with getting set up with a strong online presence: from brand new sites and connected social media to entire website overhauls, migrations, and web stores. 

It’s been a wonderful journey full of learning and discovery, and I am excited to combine my passion and skills to support others hoping to make their bright ideas come to life. 

If you’re looking to establish your digital presence, I’m open to working with all people and small businesses, with a priority for creatives and creators, underserved demographics and communities, women, PoC, LGBTQI+, and special interest groups. 

As a Latina artist and business owner, I am very passionate about inclusion and diversity, the importance of uplifting and supporting those who are in need, advocating for mental health awareness, revitalizing the art community in Boston, equal opportunity employment, and affordable housing and live/work spaces.